Berlin Wall : History is made and broken

Berlin Wall : History is made and broken

There was a big wall in the city of Berlin. This wall was not like the walls of houses; it was a special wall called the Berlin Wall. Let’s find out why it was there!

Berlin Wall : A Wall Between Friends

The Berlin Wall’s was a strong wall made of concrete, and it went around West Berlin’s. West Berlin’s was like one part of a city, and the wall’s kept it separate from East Berlin and East Germany. Imagine a big wall standing between two friends!

Berlin Wall : History is made and broken

Berlin Wall : Why Build the Wall?

The leaders of East Germany decided to build this wall in 1961. They wanted to stop people from East Germany going to West Germany. It’s like they didn’t want their friends to visit the other part of the city.

Berlin Wall : The Wall’s Special Name

The people who built the wall called it the Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart. It sounds like a big name! Some people in West Berlin called it the “Wall of Shame” because it stopped friends from being together.

Berlin Wall : The Wall of Propaganda

The leaders of East Germany said the wall was to protect their people. They told stories to make people believe it was a good thing. But many people didn’t agree; they thought it was like a big curtain keeping friends apart.

The Scary “Death Strip”

Around the wall, there was a scary place called the “death strip.” It had trenches and beds of nails to stop cars, and it was not a nice place. Imagine a place where you can’t go because it’s too dangerous!

Trying to Escape

Before the wall, many people from East Germany could visit West Germany. But when the wall was there, it became very hard. Some people tried to escape, and it was a sad time. Some even lost their lives trying to be with their friends.

The Wall Begins to Fall

In 1989, things started to change. Other countries nearby were making big changes, and people in East Germany wanted changes too. So, they started to break down the wall, and it was a happy time for everyone.

Celebrations and Souvenirs

People from East Germany and West Germany came together. They celebrated and even took pieces of the wall as souvenirs. It was like a big party, and everyone was happy!

Goodbye, Berlin Wall

Finally, in 1990, they officially started to break the wall. It took some time, but eventually, there was no wall anymore. Friends could visit each other again, and it was the beginning of something called German reunification.

The Happy Ending

On October 3, 1990, East Germany and West Germany became friends again. They became one big country, and everyone was happy. The Berlin Wall was just a memory, and the people had a new beginning together. The end!